Say Hello to an API-free World

We created it, so it’s definitely real.

As you already know, a major pillar of Interai’s promise is to enable business full ownership and agility, and R&D independence for sales and customer service teams to build, change, and use the Interai Lifetime Platform.

This means no reliance on R&D effort and no fighting for resources that are scarce in the first place.

With the proliferation of low-code and no-code app development platforms and the trend of citizen developers, it may sound like yet another solution of this kind. However, though low in code, using one of these platforms to build an overlay on top of existing systems will surely require integrating to those systems and changing them, synonyms to R&D dependency.

The truth is that integration projects are exactly the R&D-intense, time-consuming, heavy-budget reasons why companies stay with their existing, multiple systems in the first place. And so, while low-code and no-code app development platforms enable faster delivery and far less R&D effort, especially for building applications from scratch, they do not solve the pain of Ops systems.

To solve that, we had to find a way to bypass code and API integrations and still be able to read and write from any existing system, regardless of which system it is, in a stable and robust way. In order to do so in a system-agnostic manner, we had to find the single commonality between all systems out there. With this great challenge in mind, we went ahead and pioneered our flagship technology: Visual Data Mapping, better known as VDM (USPTO Patented).

What’s Visual Data Mapping (VDM)?

When thinking of the single commonality between all systems, what automatically comes to mind is the fact all systems out there are human usable, meaning they all have a user interface a human can comprehend and therefore be able to use, often with no prior knowledge of the system.

Having experience in UI automation solutions, and being inspired by testing automation and robotic process automation (RPA), we knew that operating systems via their UI is definitely possible. However, we had to find a more robust way that is not fragile, not coupled to the system layout (DOM or Process) and is absolutely cross-platform.

Connecting the dots, we asked ourselves: if humans are using their eyes, why can’t a computer? And so the question became: how can we mimic human perception?

The answer was Computer Vision, of course. And that’s what “Visual” stands for in VDM. Visual Data Mapping, as its name suggests, is a way to visually map data from (that is, read) and to (that is, write) any existing system(s) without actually integrating it.

Essentially, Interai’s VDM tech uses advanced, adaptive Computer Vision to translate the data and functionality on existing systems’ screens into visual building blocks that can be built into the single Interai customer lifetime platform, just like LEGO.

Customer Lifetime Platform

With that, Interai’s CLP complements your CRM or Service Platform with all customer context and lifetime from all existing Ops, admin, and back-office systems (homegrown or 3rd party, enabling customer-facing reps to bring up any data point from any existing system, apply any business logic (cross-system), and perform any action in existing systems, while Interai’s VDM engine is actually performing those tasks visually on those systems’ UIs in real-time behind the scenes.

With VDM — code, API integrations, and R&D effort are no longer necessary. As a result, business units can truly gain the ownership and agility they need in order to move fast without their systems holding them back. This is a true competitive advantage in a world of constant changes, ever-increasing customer expectations, the rush for winning on Customer Experience, and never enough resources. Thanks to that, R&D teams can focus all their efforts on the highest-value, exponential-gain tasks of building great products and staying at the edge of innovation, without spending unnecessary time and money on internal business processes.

It’s a true business and R&D win-win situation. Simple as that.

For additional information about the Customer Lifetime Platform and how it can help your business contact us now or schedule a demo.

Tomer Suarez, Co-Founder & CEO @ Interai

We care about customer care.